THE BASICS   Based on your cat’s needs, each visit I am able to attend to:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Litter
  • Medications

FREQUENCY Mr. Beamer I provide visits once each day. Every other day visits are not available, since being seen daily goes a long way to ensure your cat’s well-being. Twice-per-day visits are available on a very limited basis.

GOOD COMPANY A standard visit is a full hour long. We’ll use our time together doing what your cat enjoys, and making a fun routine of it – whether that’s lots of pets, a good brushing session, quiet company, or playing with a favorite toy. I like figuring out how to connect individually with cats of all personality types. The recumbent attack maneuverGetting this regular, high-quality attention will really help your cat to stay content while you are away.

PLAYTIME I’m a big believer in getting cats active and playing; it’s not only fun, it also releases built up energy (and potentially anxiety), helping them to feel more at ease. I enjoy discovering what gets individual cats excited through interactive play, and often can get even mild-mannered cats swatting and chasing toys around. High-energy cats will be thrilled!

AND THE SHY ONES… Have a cat that’s skittish or very shy? I’ve got several tricks that can help timid cats come out of their shell. Usually I’m able to get even the most shy cats hanging out, playing, and enjoying themselves when I’m over.

SturgeSTAY CONNECTED When you’re away it’s important to know how your cat is doing. I am always happy to provide daily updates, as well as to send a snapshot or video to you.

RATES Contact me to confirm rates and availability. The basic rate for a one-hour visit is $30.